Lipstick And Blackie , Madomo Pride males

In my opinion the most impressive black mained males in the Mara at the moment.

How long they hold their territory for we will wait and see as they are 12yr old plus,old for pride males.I hope they are still there next year as over the years i have grown to love these charismatic and powerful lions.

My images were taken with a Canon 7d mk 2, 400mm  is,usm Canon lens with standand grad filter.Various iso parameters trying to keep it below 2000,less graining.With the sun set so high during the heat of day photography can be tricky.

I hope i have done these boys justice with these images.



The Canadian Goose (Branta Canadensis)

These images were taken back in the spring at my local wetland reserve using an old Canon 7d accompanied with a 500mm  Sigma telephoto lens,a basic package.

The Canadian goose is a native species to the Artic and temperate regions of North America.These geese are migratory and often reach us here in the U.K.

They are well known to be seen in wetland and park areas and large in numbers,but that does not distract it from being an impressive large bird with plenty of attitude.

There are people who consider them pests with issues such as crop deprivation and noise levels,and in North America Canadian geese are the most commonly hunted waterfowl.


Masai Mara 2013

Young marsh male looking for warthogs near Governors camp
Marsh pride male Morani with his kill on the Paradise Plains


Young Marsh pride lion 
Marsh pride Male Msikio ,morning territory roar near Governors camp
Paradise lioness with a freshly killed Gnu at the Mara crossing point
Marsh pride male Scarface in the Marsh area