The Musuria Elephants

These images were taken back in March 2017 in the area in the Masai Mara known as the Musuria Marsh.

We were just outside camp on our early morning game drive when we came across this small family of Elephants with a bull calf.It was amazing to see these Elephants gather round this young Bull calf as if to protect it, and led him out in front of us for a days grazing in the Mara.

Incredible iconic African mammels in which i never tire of photographing,a particular favorite of my partners who not only loves them but also a keen supporter of the David Sheldrick Trust, an incredible organisation which heads a major rehab and release programme for orphaned Elephants in Kenya.

If your ever in Nairobi please go and visit the orphanage its an emotional and rewarding experience.

Elephants are in mass decline due to the illegal ivory trade.Without worldwide support for these majestic mammels soon viewing them will be in the past.Please dont buy ivory,some poor Elephant has been hacked to death for it


Masai Mara 2016

Two young Bull Elephant testing each other in the Musiara Marsh


A big Cape Buffalo on the Topi plains
A Black Rhino wallowing in the Marsh just outside Governors camp
Two young Elephants near Governors camp
Baby Elephant crossing the track in the Talek region of the Mara
A big Bull cooling off near the Musiara Marsh
Cape Buffalo cooling off in the Olare Orak region of the Mara