A Little About The Man Behind the Lens

As a keen conservationist, I have always had a love for wildlife, yet I had never thought of using photography to document it until 2011 when I first travelled to the Masai Mara as a tourist with a pocket camera. I had been to Kenya previously, taking in the fantastic Samburu National Reserve, Nakuru, and Lake Naivasha, but after watching the BBC’s Big Cat Dairies I was motivated enough to visit the Masai Mara, and found that this beautiful corner of paradise had embraced my soul. It was here, looking at the wildlife through the eye of a lens, that I realised that memory was not enough.

After returning to England I went out and bought myself an entry level Canon DSLR camera coupled with a Sigma 500mm lens. I visited every animal sanctuary I could hoping to learn how to use the camera to produce the best images the camera would allow.

We have such great wildlife in the British Isles, and foxes are a favourite of mine. Along with my annual trip to the Masai Mara documenting in particular the famous Marsh Pride lions, I go to Pembrokeshire every year to follow and photograph a family of foxes I hold very close to my heart, and that’s with a big thank you to Russell a local farmer who lets me use his land.

I currently own a more professional camera, but tech freak I’m not. It’s all about capturing the moment: that’s photography for me.

I hope you enjoy.

Asanti Sana.

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