The Marsh Pride Males 2017

These are a series of images of Jambo and Karibu the new Marsh males,taken in the heart of their territory,the Musiara Marsh, Masai Mara.

This year i had the privilege to photograph three Mara prides,the first of which the most famous of them all;the Marsh Pride.

2016 had been a disastrous year for the pride with the loss of two iconic lionesses Bebe and Sienna,Poisoned by Masai herdsmen illegally grazing cattle on the national park.After an international outcry the two men were caught and sent to prison.

The pride had splintered for a while,with the Musketeers,four males leaving the Marsh to cross the river to expand territory the Marsh Pride needed to regroup, and that they have with these two young strong males.

My photographic kit consisted of a Canon 7d mk2 camera, 400mm i.s.usm Canon lens with standard polarizing filter.iso 1000,spot metered,various focal lengths with great light.

Musiara Marsh sunrise


2 thoughts on “The Marsh Pride Males 2017

  1. Hi, I thought that the NG program The savage kingdom portrayed the marsh pride which is ruled by Sekakama and Matsumi? Is there another Marsh pride? I am confused.

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    • Hi Joe,The Marsh pride i photograph have the territory in the heart of the Musiara Marsh and are often found at Bila Shaka. Since i have come back a coalition of five young males lay claim to that territory now.I hope i have been some help to you,and yes it can be confusing as some Safari camps have different names.Thanks for yr interest Joe.


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