The Sparrow, Passer Domesticus

These images were taken sat in a car at a national trust car park waiting for a boat to take us to Skomer island.There must have been at least ten Sparrows bouncing around chirping away.Just observing these birds i soon realised that they were adolescent and the parents were that not far away watching them.For so long we have taken this busy,beautiful little bird for granted,but in recent studies the Sparrow population has declined as much as 71% with substantial losses in rural and urban populations due as usual to loss of habitat and farm pesticides.Cant we learn to live with nature!


4 thoughts on “The Sparrow, Passer Domesticus

  1. I like seeing young birds still in their “fluffy” stage. 🙂

    I hadn’t realised that sparrows were in such rapid decline. We are fortunate to have about a dozen sparrows hopping around the bird table. It’s quite rare for us to see blackbirds nowadays though and I don’t recall seeing starlings on the table for a few years – it’s a shame.

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