Masai Mara 2013

Rommi,s young male cub relaxing at base of tree in the Marsh area near Governors camp
Cheetah relaxing in the shade. Taken on Paradise Plains
Cheetah on the move in the Talek area
Female leopard Bahati,taken near Rekeru
Rommi,s young male cub
Full belly.Male Cheetah relaxing after a kill in the Talek region
Two Paradise Chettah watching Lions from afar
Rommi ,Marsh Leopard



3 thoughts on “Masai Mara 2013

  1. Hello, your photos are beautiful. I have an inquiry as to the female named Suri. Is she also named Siri by some, and is the cub Kijana? I am learning about the different leopards of the Mara and I’ve started a group on Facebook to help others while documenting their sightings for a new live safari that will be coming to the Mara starting in June called SafariLive from WildEarth. I am part of the leopard groups of the Sabi Sands which SafariLive operates out of now.


    • Sorry i have not replied sooner, have been busy.Yes i photographed them down on Paradise.Did not see her this year as there are many Lions in her territory at the moment.The Paradise pride has grown since the arrival of the Musketeers and i fear she has moved off to avoid confrontation


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